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Airtel- emergency balance code

Assalamu Alaikum. through today’s post, you will be informed about the rules for bringing emergency money to Airtel SIM.

Airtel emergency balance code

Today’s post will show you how to get Airtel SIM loan and how to borrow money. Don’t worry if Airtel SIM runs out of money because today we will tell you how to get emergency money when Airtel SIM runs out of money.

If you are an Airtel SIM user then you must know that the most reliable and affordable network is Airtel. Through this article today you can bring emergency balance up to 100 taka on airtel sim. Without further delay let’s see how to get emergency balance in Airtel SIM

Airtel emergency balance code in Bangladesh

To get emergency balance on airtel sim directly you go to your dial pad and type *141# or *8# then you call airtel sim on your phone. This is the Airtel SIM emergency activation code.

Airtel- emergency balance code

How to get emergency balance in Airtel

If you borrow money from Airtel SIM, you have to pay their service fee according to the amount of money you have to borrow. We have given below a list of what amount of service fee to pay.

Loan Amount Service is free Total Tk
12 Tk  2.67 Tk 18.67 Tk
15 Tk  2.67 Tk 17.67 Tk
22 Tk  2.67 Tk 24.67 Tk
25 Tk  2.67 Tk 27.67 Tk
32 Tk  2.67 Tk 34.67 Tk
50 Tk  2.67 Tk 52.67 Tk
100 Tk  2.67 Tk 102.67 Tk

Airtel emergency balance loan

You can get emergency balance by dialing *141# this code. You can also take emergency balance, internet data, minute loan anytime by dialing *141*8#.

dialing this code *141*8# you can get emergency balance on your sim. After dialing this code, you will receive an SMS on your phone informing you that the emergency balance has been given to you.

Airtel Emergency Internet Loan

*141*8# code dial you can get emergency internet loan on Airtel SIM. In taking emergency voice loan, the main duty of customers is to know and use the correct information. In this context, below is the chart related to Airtel Emergency Internet Loan.

Tk  Vol Duration
18.67  70 MB 3 days
25  300 MB 3 days
37  1 GB 3 days
50  1.5 GB 3 days
104  2.5 GB 7 days

Airtel emergency voice loan

*141*8# code dial you can get emergency voice loan on Airtel SIM. Informed all customers in detail about how many voice minutes you are getting for how much and how long the loaned voice minutes will last.

TK Minutes duration
 5 Tk  5  4 hours
 8 Tk  10  5 hours
 13 Tk  15  16 hours
 20 Tk  25  24 hours
 26 Tk  35  24 hours
 36 Tk  50  2 days
 53 Tk  75  7 days

Airtel emergency balance check Code

You have brought emergency balance to your sim and used emergency balance. But if you don’t know how much money is left in the emergency balance then the code you need to use to check the emergency money is *1#

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