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Tourist sim cart thailand

Tourists in any country of the world face the problem of internet access on mobile SIM. Tourist SIMs are of specific blocks such that one SIM cannot be used by anyone else. A SIM can be registered for 7 to 30 days after which it is automatically deactivated.

Tourist sim cart

Mobile SIM is the first thing travelers look for when visiting a country.

The best sim for travelers to Thailand is DTAC Happy Tourist Sim. The official price of this SIM is 299 Thai Baht. You can also book this SIM online. As soon as you book the SIM, you will get a voucher, print the voucher and show it in PDF form on the mobile app at the DTAC counter, they will give you the SIM card.

Tourist SIM Card Offer

DTAC Happy Tourist Sim is the most popular tourist sim among Thailand users. In this price you get 8 GB unlimited internet data and 100 Baht balance. Among them 3GB is Super 4G. When this 3GB is over, the speed will be 384 KB.

The offers you will get from this DTAC SIM include 50% discount on Grab, 30% discount on Sea Life Bangkok & Madame Tussauds, and many more discounts.

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