What are the different tactics that can be used in kabaddi matches?

Kabaddi is a traditional team sport that originated in India and has gained popularity worldwide. Through the best kabaddi betting site 1xBet, you will also be able to place wagers on matches held all across the world too.

It’s a physically demanding and highly strategic game that combines elements of 3 activities:

  • wrestling;
  • tag;
  • and endurance.

In a Kabaddi match, 2 teams compete to score points by sending a “raider” into the opposing team’s half to tag as many defenders as possible. Then, they must return safely to their own half, all while chanting “kabaddi, kabaddi” to prove they’re not taking a breath.

The defenders, on the other hand, try to stop the raider and prevent them from returning to their half. To succeed in Kabaddi, teams employ a wide range of tactics and strategies. Let’s begin by talking about the raider strategies. Great raiders of this sport are present at the best kabaddi betting site, which of course, is the 1xBet platform.

Raiders will try to tag as many defenders as possible while crossing the midline. They may also score bonus points, and to do so, it is necessary to touch parts of the opponent’s court called the bonus line.

Raiders need to make physical contact with the defenders to do so. There are 3 elements needed for achieving this purpose: speed, agility, and deceptive movements to catch defenders off guard.

They need to be very quick and agile in order to avoid tackles from defenders. They rely on 3 tools to achieve their purpose in matches of this sport, which are spin moves, dives, and rapid changes in direction to escape. Raiders also often make use of maneuvers like fakes and deceptive moves. Of course, all of this is done with the aim of confusing defenders, making it harder for them to anticipate their actions.

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Keeping a good defense

Speaking about the 1st method to keep a solid defensive line, defenders tend to work together to form a chain whose purpose is to tackle the raider. The best defenses from world kabaddi can also be wagered live by becoming a member of the website.

In 2nd place, defenders will try to block the raider’s path and hold him in order to achieve a tackle. Strength and balance are essential for this.

A 3rd common tactic is to target the raider’s ankle, making it difficult for them to escape. Ankle holds are a fundamental technique in Kabaddi defense.

Finally, in 4th place, teams need to revive tagged-out defenders to maintain their full defensive strength. Defenders often work to protect the reviving player and prevent the raider from tagging them again.

Let’s talk now about team strategies. In 1st place, teams often employ specific formations to optimize their defense and offense. These formations can vary depending on the situation and the strengths of the team.

A 2nd key element is time management, where managing the 30-second raid clock is crucial. Teams often use tactics to waste the raider’s time or delay their return to their own half, pressuring them into making hasty decisions.

In 3rd place, effective communication is essential in Kabaddi. Teams use 3 things: signals, shouts, and hand gestures to coordinate their movements and strategies during the match.

Finally, in 4th place, defenders sometimes switch positions or rotate to confuse the raider and counter their tactics effectively.

Psychological tactics are another essential aspect of kabaddi. A 1st aspect of this is mind games. Here raiders may taunt defenders to distract them or create an opportunity for an escape. Defenders, on the other hand, may attempt to psych out the raider. This means that everyone involved in a kabaddi match can use psychological elements in their favor.

Finally, the 2nd psychological aspect that can be quite successful for kabaddi teams is the pressure they apply on raiders, which can be wagered at 1xBet too. Teams may target specific raiders on the opposing team, putting extra pressure on them to score points or get them out quickly.

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